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Chinoiserie Nest of tables

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Ref. No. LP9-20

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An unusual Circular nest of Chinoiserie tables.
The top featuring a typical Oriental scene.
Each of the 4 pull out tables featuring more Chinoiserie decoration.

Size: (Largest table)
Height 20" (51cm)
Diameter 24" (61cm)

Chinoiserie, from 'chinois' the French for Chinese, was a style inspired by art and design from China, Japan and other Asian countries. In the 18th century porcelain, silk and lacquerware decoration imported from China and Japan were extremely fashionable. This led many British designers and craftsmen to imitate Asian designs and to create their own fanciful versions of the East.

In 18th-century Britain, China seemed a mysterious, far-away place. Chinoiserie drew on this exotic image. Objects featured fantastic landscapes with fanciful pavilions and fabulous birds, sometimes inspired by those depicted on actual Chinese objects.
To British designers Chinese and Japanese dragons summed up all that was strange and wonderful about the East. These mythical beasts became common Chinoiserie motifs.
The sweeping lines of the roofs of Chinese pagodas were incorporated into a wide range of Chinoiserie objects.

Date of Manufacture: 1890

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